Russian tea time in Silk Lounge

Russian tea time in Silk Lounge

It was in 16th century, when Russia has embraced the oriental tradition of enjoying tea. The delicious and aromatic ritual comforted people on cold evenings and hot afternoons, while gathering families and friends together. Little by little it evolved into a national tradition, which hardly changed in hundreds years time. Today we are witnessing a new trend to enjoy leisurely afternoon treat with a set of etiquette rules. At Four Seasons Hotel Moscow we offer our own vision of much-loved ceremony: British-style but with Russian twist.

Our high tea set includes exclusive infusions, which are carefully picked to perfectly fit our classical Russian desserts. The selection of exquisite finger sandwiches and amuse-bouches includes soft and warm vatrushka with potatoes, pies filled with meat and cabbage, tartlet with tender chicken pâté, elegant and French vol-au-van, which goes perfectly with very Russian red caviar. Don’t fill up on this, as sweet course offers everyone's favorite desserts such as melt-in-your-mouth “kartoshka”, a classical schaumrollen, indulgent airy meringue with caramel and scene-stealer – a famous honey cake.

Just like Russian best merchant houses, we serve our Russian tea time on a limited collection of dainty fine china designed by Imperial Porcelain Factory, bringing your favourite tradition to another level. 

Daily 12:00 pm – 06:00 pm
The price of the Russian tea time: 8 500 RUB for 2 people.
The price is indicated in Russian rubles and includes 20% VAT.

For reservations or any inquiries please contact us by phone +7 499 277 71 00 or via Four Seasons Chat.